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FlyBoss is the on-line woolgrower tool developed by AWI, the Sheep CRC and industry partners, with the latest information on how to:
  • Reduce the risk of flystrike through management and breeding.
  • Treat flystrike outbreaks.

Flystrike is a major risk and disease for the sheep industry. Each year, treatment costs, and lost production associated with flystrike costs the industry $280 million.


The most common forms of flystrike are breech strike and body strike. Breech strike has the largest impact on the industry. Having a plan for flystrike management is imperative. FlyBoss can help develop a plan tailored to each individual sheep enterprise.

FlyBoss information is supported by training workshops in all regions.

Further Information

FlyBoss - visit to:

  • Check flystrike risk and optimise treatment time.
  • Compare management systems for flystrike control tools.
  • Use the Products List for more information on fly and lice chemical treatments, their cost, withholding periods and export slaughter intervals.
  • Use the WoolRes tool to assess the risk of chemical residues in the wool clip.
  • Find flystrike management workshops at locations around Australia.

FlyBoss® was developed by the Australian Sheep Industry CRC and AWI.